Our Story:

I wish we had a fantastic fairytale to tell you about our brand Tone Empire, but we have a rather simple, yet clear reason for starting this brand.

I have been in the music business for almost 20 years now & had good success as a composer/ music producer (music production – Selena Gomez, Skrillex, Film Music- GRAVITY , CINDERELLA STORY etc., TV Series – SHAMELESS , etc. )

I am a Computer Engineer by education and have a lot of experience running Beatfactory Academy , my music production schools in India -Delhi & Mumbai (running since 2008) .

You might also know about my plugin brand – Beatskillz. 3 years of growing a company making a lot of cool products for pros & beginners alike.
With all this work, we have been fortunate to build a great & solid team of dsp engineers, programmers, GUI designers, and a relentless support staff.

Wanting to make a dedicated brand for high end signal processors in the software world, we started Tone Empire.
The simple and clear goal of this brand is to provide “Hardware Quality” processors at unbelievable prices, so that everyone at a budget can afford world class , cutting edge technology with beautiful interfaces to make their work sonically amazing & truly inspiring! Taking the best characteristics of modern and vintage outboard that we own in our studios, and going further to push the sonic boundaries, we create truly unique and amazing sounding plugins at affordable prices.

We know that all the tech in the world is not enough to create a great sounding plugin. It takes creativity , good ears , great coding, exceptional GUI design and super support for our customers that can truly make a brand and products loved by its customers. We bring you all these qualities with Tone Empire.

Of course , don’t take our word for it 🙂 I request you to download the trial versions of our plugins to hear for yourself and make a decision.

I thank you again for checking out our products & wish you good luck with your music ventures!


Gaurav Dayal
Owner/CEO- Tone Empire.