Serial/License Number and Account Related Queries

  1. Kindly follow these steps to resolve this issue. This is a known issue on macOS.
  1. Close your DAW if it’s open.
  2. Open finder or make sure that your menu bar is using a finder and not another application.
  3. In the Utilities folder that opens, double – click on Terminal
  4. In the Terminal Window: Copy-paste the code given below and Hit enter after entering it. (Let the process gets completed)


diskutil resetUserPermissions / `id -u`

  1. Close Terminal.
  2. Open your DAW – and search the plugin in the plugin list.
  3. In the Registration box, enter the serial number and make sure not to leave any blank space at the end of the serial number.
  4. Click on Register, and Restart your DAW, now it won’t ask you to register the plugin again. It will get registered successfully. 

Kindly make sure not leave any blank space at the end of the serial number.

If you bought from Beatskillz – Contact Support from the email ID which you used to purchase a product on our site, or mention us the email ID which you used.

If you bought from the Third Party website – Contact Support along with receipt of your product purchase and serial number ( if available ). Without these two, we wont be able to provide you the updated installer links.

All the links gets generated and sent instantly on your mail, If you cannot find the mail in your primary inbox, we request you to kindly check it in the Promotion tab or in Spam Folder. Some e-mail services incorrectly flag automated messages from servers and mark it as spam, or in the promotions folder.

Kindly delete your browser cookies before trying to login, or login in the incognito mode.

If you want to change the password of your profile, click on “Lost your password “,

if you are still unable to login, kindly Contact Support.

In order to create an account on our website, you have to make a purchase, account will automatically gets created once you purchase a product.

Contact Support along with the screenshot of the receipt of purchase and  the serial number ( Make sure to copy-paste them ), if you purchased our plugins from third party website ( Plugin Boutique, JRR Shop, Audio Deluxe, Don’t Crack, Reverb, AudioPlugin.Deals, VSTBuzz, etc ).

We require these for verification. Once you send us the Receipts and serial numbers, we will create a new account for you on our website, and the plugin in it, or will add the plugins in your existing account on our website.

We have stopped transferring / Re selling of our Products/License number.

Plugin Related Queries

After plugin installation gets completed, Kindly restart your system once or twice. This is a default work around for MacOS.

Kindly make sure that you have the latest Visual C Redistributable installed on your system, if not kindly download it from here

Install it, and restart your system, Plugin will now show up in your DAW.

1. Restart your Mac

2. Launch Logic Pro X (or MainStage).

3. Choose Logic Pro X > Preferences > Plug-In Manager (or MainStage > Preferences > Plug-In Manager).

4. Locate then select your Beatskillz product.

5. Click Reset & Rescan Selection – Successfully Validated should appear in the Compatibility column.

Our newer plugin will only have VST3, VST2 support for developers is discontinued from Steinberg. We cannot release VST2 for newly released plugin / upcoming plugin in the future.

You can use a third-party Wrapper plugin. Kindly search for the suitable one on the internet.

Anti-virus might alert you when you are downloading/ Installing our plugin, our products are 100% virus free, we check them twice before uploading it in our database. Feel free to kindly ignore those false positives notifications. 

Some anti-virus does that when you install a third-party application on your system