I applied Loc-Ness to a client’s acoustic guitar track…MAGIC!!!

Got it last week, although i haven’t used it much yet, very impressed with it.  ( Black Q )

I purchased this plugin on a whim and was instantly sold on it within a few minutes of demoing it. It right away enhanced any track i used it on that I had to spend time on tweaking. The warmth and sweetening that it added to my tracks made all the difference!

Got it, used it in the master. Sounds really good.

Black Q is Dripping with Vintage analog tube tone !!!
a wonderful EQ with that vintage vibe from back in the day.
it just adds so much color & character to anything i put thru it with a nice selection of start-up presets
for Mastering,Drums.Gtr’s,Pno’s,Vocals,Synth’s, etc….
its a steal at this intro price !!
tone-empire once again hits it outta the park !!
Love it !!!!!

I must say that this is one of the best saturation plugins i have ever used till now. Ditched all other saturators for Tone Empire Goliath instantly. A must buy for every mixing/mastering engineer out there.

Black Q
Came across one of the finest Analog style Tube EQ’s by “Tone Empire”with sweet analog warmth and colour, extra saturation can be achieved via the drive knob as well. Put it on my mixbuss and the whole mix instantly transformed with a beautiful analog vibe. This would be my go to analog style eq’s from now onwards on every mix