APX 351

Introducing our latest innovation in audio processing technology – a meticulously crafted, neural network-powered emulation of a renowned American Vintage Recording Amplifier front end for a Tape Machine.

This cutting-edge audio plugin faithfully replicates the warm, harmonically rich characteristics of a well-known, iconic preamplifier from yesteryears.



WIN – MacOS | M1/M2 Supported

Soul Squash

Introducing the SoulSquash Vintage Audio Compressor Pedal

A sonic time capsule brimming with retro allure and modern finesse. Sampled and accurately replicated with our proprietary NM2 Neural Network technology, this pedal embodies a pristine and clean solid-state sound, adding a touch of nostalgia to your audio. Its intuitive design and minimalist controls channel soulful and funky vibes, ensuring effortless integration into any setup.



WIN – MacOS | M1/M2 Supported

TF – 72a

Introducing the “TF-72a” – a cutting-edge audio plugin meticulously crafted through the revolutionary power of Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

This plugin is a faithful emulation of the legendary Vintage German tube preamp, an iconic piece of German engineering that graced some of the most renowned recording studios of yesteryears.

Whether you’re tracking vocals, guitars, drums, or any other instrument, this plugin brings a touch of history and a dose of analog charm to your digital audio workstation.

Unlock the secrets of the past and add a timeless sheen to your modern productions with the TF-72a – where the art of yesterday meets the science of tomorrow.



WIN – MacOS | M1/M2 Supported


We are pleased to bring to you the Modern Classic British Valve Enhancer plugin. Meticulously crafted using advanced neural networks and a meticulous sampling process from analog hardware, this groundbreaking plugin is set to redefine your sonic landscape.

Immerse your tracks in a world of unparalleled warmth, richness, and harmonics that have made British valves renowned for their distinctive character.


Version 1.0.4


WIN – MacOS | M1/M2 Supported

Demo (MAC) Demo (WIN)

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LocNess V2 is pretty great, Just put it on some normal-sounding guitars and took them over the edge.

(Model 5000) Brings the op-amp punch of a classic 2 buss compressor to bang up to date and can also handle modern operating levels unlike many other emulations of the same circuit. Try it on your drums – it will make you smile!

(LocNess v2) This plugin rocks!! Wow!

(Optored) Don’t be fooled by the simple GUI – this is a living, breathing compressor with mojo and side chain options that seriously extend the abilities of a tried and tested dynamic circuit design.

This is one of those compressors that the more you use, the more things you’ll find it works well for.

(LocNess v2) We all work fast these days and to have something that can instantly represent all of the main analog-eqsue food groups with just a few twists is a joy to have in the toolbox. I downloaded, installed, and started twisting breakbeats in just minutes

(OptoRED) Man, this plug sounds smoooooooth!

All I can say is WOW. Such a great-sounding plugin. This is going right into my go-to shortlist of saturation/distortion plugins!